Distribution Data Inc.

Distribution Data Incorporated - Unique

How is Distribution Data unique?

Understanding. We understand the transportation business. We have been serving clients since 1985 with products and services designed to reduce freight costs and provide meaningful information. Our employees focus on client needs and exceeding client expectations. Being in business for 25+ years has given us the opportunity to experience just about every freight bill processing and logistical challenge. If we haven't already met the challenge, it probably doesn't exist.

Numbers Driven. Plain and simple, it's all about the numbers. If it doesn't save money or can't be justified, then why do it? DDI's Executive Management comes from a strong background in the banking and financial industries. Once a banker, it's hard to get away from thinking about numbers. And isn't that the way a business should be run? The bottom line should always be at the top of your priorities!

Inventive. Let's face it, the transportation industry is not a very dynamic business. But, that's no excuse for the same tired thinking. What sets DDI apart is that we constantly look for new ways of re-inventing our approach. No two clients are exactly alike. Each client has different problems to solve and no one solution works for everyone. To invent means to create. We create solutions.

Question. We question everything. Nothing is worse than hearing the excuse "That's the way we've always done it" or "Because that's the way corporate wants it". Our rebuttal is "Does it make sense?" We work with clients to encourage them to think about new concepts and new ways of reaching their goals. It's not logical to continue down the same path and expect to arrive at a different destination.

Useful Tools. Do you have the right tools in your transportation tool box? We do. We use the same tools internally that we create for our clients to manage our own business. We are confident in the products that we design. We have spent over $3 million developing our cost reduction modeling software and several more millions on internet based client tools for rating, routing (inbound, outbound, third party), compliance reporting, etc. Our products come with the best user manual available – our people.

Exceptional Service. Everybody's website says that they provide the best customer service. Then why is poor service the number one reason that we get new customers? Sure, price matters. But, service is the key. We retain clients on average for 10 years or more. We know that once customers make a change, the last thing they want to go through is another conversion. If you are really looking to save money and improve your transportation processes, DDI is the last partner you will need.