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Over the past 30+ years, DDI has saved clients millions (probably hundreds of millions) of dollars in carrier pricing. Our complex modeling software, together with old-fashioned hard work and professional negotiating skills, has performed beyond our client expectations. The stories below represent a small sample of how we have assisted clients not only in saving money, but in solving logistics issues. Problem solving is really our core business. Financial problems, logistics problems, freight management problems, etc. These companies improved their bottom line and their internal efficiencies because they elected to partner with DDI. You can, too!


DDI's reputation has been built around exceptional customer service. With a few variations, all freight payment processing and logistics companies provide similar products and services. The defining factor that sets them apart is SERVICE. A well-known, business principle is that it costs much less to retain current customers than it does to recruit new customers. At Distribution Data, we still believe that this is true. DDI has had a remarkable client retention rate in an industry that is highly competitive and price conscious. Customers change freight payment and logistics vendors for a variety of reasons; corporate management philosophy, price, failure to deliver expectations, etc. DDI has benefited from some of these changes as well. However, we have remained constant in our belief to offer products and services to our clients that make sense and are cost justified. We want our clients to benefit from their relationship with DDI not just now, but throughout the future. Whatever management team is in place at our client, we want the quality and performance of our service to speak for itself. In short, this means being brutally honest at times with client requests. It also means being proactive and not waiting for the client to contact us.

Speaking of contact, when you make a telephone call to Distribution Data Incorporated, it will normally be answered with a live person. Do we have voice mail? Yes. Do we use it? Rarely. Do we hide behind it? Never! Our same contact principles apply to email communication.

All client inquiries are responded to promptly and professionally!

We expect nothing less from our customer service staff and our clients.

Clients can contact us via: Telephone - 1-(216)-362-3025
  Fax - 1-(216)-362-3029
  Email - csreps@ddiservices.com
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Case Studies

Case Study #1

Our client, a small steel company in southern California, was struggling with coordinating carrier pickup of loads. Their problems were a combination of too many individuals doing the job, union working time-frames, and carriers competing for the business. Their greatest pain was the line of trucks, sometimes 15 deep, into the street blocking morning traffic. This line of trucks became such a nuisance, that the city was threatening to fine them for each truck that was parked for more than 20 minutes each day, amounting to possibly $100,000 a year.

DDI stepped in and took over the routing and dispatch of the shipments. The client no longer has carriers waiting in the street for loads. Their neighbors are friendlier because of the organized trucking into and out of the facility. Their employees are more productive because they are working on making steel and not scheduling pickups and calling carriers for pricing.

As an added bonus, we were able to reduce their carrier rates by performing a competitive bid process. In turn, this allowed our client to reduce their steel price in an already competitive market. This caused sales growth to exceed 50% just on this change.

Case Study #2

Our client, a manufacturer on the Atlantic Coast, was purchased by a competitor. With new ownership came consolidation and 2 new product lines moved into our client's facility. This increase in manufacturing was a blessing and a curse. Our client was struggling with how to manage the line and shipping operations, while minimizing cost increases.

DDI stepped in and determined that we could negotiate better LTL carrier rates and drive over $400,000 in annual savings based on the projected increase in shipping. The client used this savings to help offset internal costs of growth and expansion. Because of the savings, the facility gained a third product line in production. In the end, the annual savings exceeded $500,000.

Case Study #3

Our client, a provider of construction safety equipment, has locations in almost every metropolitan city in the United States, and only one manufacturing facility. They have no set transportation manager in the corporation and allow each location manager to decide how to ship internally and externally. With a $2 million dollar spend domestically, they were struggling to grasp what their transportation needs were, let alone how to manage the distribution issues.

DDI was employed to install corporate pricing for all the locations. Routing instructions and software programs were implemented to assist the multiple locations to comply with carrier usage. Additionally, DDI provided upper management with compliance reporting so that they could follow through with enforcement. The domestic savings for one year exceeded $625,000 without the need of a corporate traffic manager.